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Five Reasons to Choose OPOLO Cosmos as Your Hardware Wallet

Wednesday, September 30th, 2020

There are many reasons why OPOLO wallet is the best hardware wallet in the market. But we decided to choose the top 5. Moreover, these qualities are something you should look for in any hardware wallet, not just OPOLO Cosmos. So this article is informative for all cryptocurrency users.


EAL6+ Certification and Secure Element


OPOLO wallets have had their external security audit done by a well-known European security company. But that’s not all; we don’t rely on just one thing. OPOLO Wallets security is well protected by SE, just like credit cards are protected by the same type of security. The SE stores the private keys of the user in a secure method of encryption. There no way to see the key or copy them, so this is a highly secure system. Furthermore, a security level of EAL6+ is used, which is the highest level of security for any hardware wallet.

Most hardware wallets don’t even have an SE, let alone a security level of EAL6+. Their promise of security only comes from their ability to be offline, and that is literally the minimum criteria for a hardware wallet. Moreover, there are certain companies that say they have EAL7+ security but these companies don’t mention that this security is only applicable to their software. The hardware is still prone to hacking incase the device comes into someone else’s hands.


Passwords and Passphrase


OPOLO Wallets allows its users to have a password and passphrases up to 127 characters long, which is the longest password and passphrase in the market. This makes your device more secure and less vulnerable to hackers. It’s much harder to try and hack something with such a long password and passphrase, which means that even if you lose your device and someone else has it with them. It will take an absolute miracle for it to be compromised. Moreover, a user gets only 7 attempts to write the correct password, after which the device will be blocked.

OPOLO Wallets has SE, EAL6+, and long passwords/passphrases, which makes it the most secure hardware wallet in the market today. Things will only get better and newer models will only keep improving. Investing with OPOLO is investing in the future.


Easy To Use 3.2 Inch touch screen

OPOLO Wallet

Hardware wallets with hard buttons and small screens make it frustrating for users to use the device. They may refrain from keeping lengthy passwords for that very reason, and this compromises security. This is also a massive waste of time. OPOLO Wallets understands your pain and developed a user friendly, easy to use touch screen interphase. Now you can type your passwords and passphrases as quickly as you text on your mobile phones. Our developers worked hard and integrated a system that works. Not only do you get excellent security, but you also get the ease of use.


One App For ALL Coins and Tokens


Most crypto wallets have about 15-25 coins integrated into their systems. We here at OPOLO Wallets have 110 integrated coins available on one simple application and thousands of tokens. So you don’t need to download an app for currencies on the device and your application. Moreover, with more updates, we are only planning to add more. Our goal is to have all the coins integrated into one place. This saves you time and a lot of headaches, just downloading things for use.


Redundant and Easy Mnemonics Backup Storage


Simply swipe the card behind your device and save your mnemonics. No hassle and no problem. Now you can save time. Now there’s no need to spend half an hour just entering 24words to restore your wallet—another remarkable innovation from our designers. Moreover, to make security even better, there are 5 cards on which you backup your data. However, you only need 3/5 cards to restore your mnemonics.

These are just a few reasons for choosing OPOLO wallets.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Hardware Wallet!

Wednesday, September 30th, 2020

The digital age is here, and things are changing quickly. Traditional ways of life are being challenged, and if you are not part of the change. Then you’re failing to grow as a person. Hardware wallets are quickly becoming popular, and soon everyone will own one. There are a few choices in the market to choose from each has its own unique feature, and everyone promises you that they are the best.


But as modern buyers, you weight the pros and cons, then make an informed decision. I’m here to help you make that decision. All things can be quantified on a variety of merits. Hardware wallets are no different.





Before buying a hardware wallet, you need to consider some things. The most important thing being security; it’s only logical to store your cryptocurrencies securely. So securely, in fact, that if anyone has physical access to your device, they still can’t have access to your crypto assets.

Let’s talk about the security of your bank card as an example. How does VISA or MASTERCARD make sure no one else can copy or clone their cards?

The reason being that they use a chip, also known as a SECURE ELEMENT, that stores the private keys of the user in a secure method of encryption. There no way to see the key or copy them. This data stays in the card and is a highly secure system.

So when buying a hardware wallet, this is exactly the type of security you should be looking for. You want to store your mnemonic keys and data on a SE so that no one can get access from it.

Cryptocurrency wallets can be quantified in terms of security by an Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) number. The EAL number is a total rating you receive out of 7. Most have a rating of around 4 to 5.


The user experience:


Another important thing to consider is the ease of using the hardware wallet. Certain factors such as larger screen size, integration of many cryptocurrencies, ease of transferring cryptocurrencies, and exchanging coins with one another play a massive role in the overall experience. If the screen is too small and doesn’t support touch screen technology, then you’ll waste a lot of precious time just accessing the application, and one mistake means starting all over again.

Most hardware wallets don’t have many cryptocurrencies integrated into them. So you have to download applications online for them. This is time-consuming and puts you at risk from malware.


Why should you use OPOLO wallets?


This is an offline cryptocurrency wallet. Hence your device never goes online, so it’s safe from hackers. Moreover, you are protected by software created by cybersecurity experts. Secure Element With CC EAL6+ Certification
OPOLO is also more convenient for handling your cryptocurrency because there’s only one app that needs to be downloaded to your Mac, Windows, Android, or Linux system. Over 108 supported coins and more then 200,000 thousands of tokens. So you can transfer, send, and receive almost all your cryptocurrencies on one platform. Furthermore, you can also exchange coins from this platform, for example, Bitcoin to Ethereum.

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What is a Hardware Wallet/Cold Storage Wallet?

Wednesday, September 30th, 2020

If you’re new to the cryptocurrency scene, then you might have heard something about a hardware wallet. If not, you would have definitely heard about the security problems associated with coin owners. Well, whatever information you have or may not have. Today you’ll learn all about these things.

A hardware wallet is very similar to a bank account. You can use these wallets to send, receive, exchange and manage your cryptocurrencies. But what makes them special is the fact that they aren’t connected to any online device. Here your keys and cryptocurrencies are safe from hackers.

They have significant advantages over standard software wallets:


Private Key storage in secure controller (SE)




Private keys are often stored in a secure micro-controller called secure element (SE), and cannot be transferred out of the device in plaintext. Unlike OPOLO Cosmos, most hardware wallets on the market do not save the private key in SE; hence they are vulnerable to physical attacks.


Less prone to hacks, viruses, and malware




A hardware wallet needs to be immune to computer viruses that steal from software wallets. Few hardware wallets, other than OPOLO Cosmos, do not have screens or LCDs to display data; hence they cannot perform user validation, which can lead to virus attacks, even on hardware wallets. This leads to attackers and scammers sending funds from your account to their wallets.


Secure password/passphrase


It can be used securely and interactively, having private keys that never need to be touched and left open to potentially-vulnerable software. However, some hardware wallets, unlike OPOLO Cosmos, ask users to enter the passwords or passphrases on the possibly compromised computer systems that can expose the user password or passphrase of the wallet, and therefore, exposure to the wallet’s funds. The security of a hardware wallet could be determined by the security certification (CC EAL) of the SE used.


Common criteria EAL6+ security


OPOLO Cosmos is the only wallet on the market that provides the highest level of CC EAL6+ certification along with the most cryptocurrency support.

A hardware wallet isn’t a new creation, but it isn’t something most people know about until they have to know about it. That’s why it is great to do your research and find the best hardware wallet that you can find.

Why is OPOLO Cosmos One of The Best Hardware Wallets?

Wednesday, September 30th, 2020

When cryptocurrencies were first created, people would save their coins on their USB’s and computers. But as these coins gained popularity and increased in value, they became a target for hackers. So much cryptocurrency was stolen online, and so many were left heartbroken with no way of getting their hard-earned crypto back. Then an idea arose for offline hardware wallets. That idea then became a reality, but these wallets weren’t all that great. But as time passed, more and more wallets came into the market. Many did quite well, but they still had bugs and poor user interface. Then came OPOLO Cosmos, a hardware wallet that genuinely stands out from the crowd.

Cybersecurity professionals with more than a decade’s worth of experience each decided to consider the user. Make a hardware wallet that serves their best interests—a hardware wallet with a high level of security and impenetrable software to keep their coins/tokens safe.



OPOLO Cosmos comes with a single wallet application. This application can be installed on Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android. There are more than 115 integrated coins and thousands of tokens within the app. Every day new coins are being integrated with each update. OPOLO Cosmos will integrate each and every crypto coin in the market and all future ones to come. Other wallets barely have 15-25, and you have to download the application on the hardware device and your desktop/mobile device for each coin. What a complete mess, right? This is such a time-consuming process. Furthermore, one wrong link downloads, and you are susceptible to Trojans and viruses.

Buying an OPOLO device means you need one app and one device to handle all your cryptocurrency needs.


Mnemonics storage is another challenge; on small devices, it is hard to enter the mnemonics to restore the wallet. Once again, it is also very time consuming to store the mnemonics on paper. OPOLO Card has solved this problem, a single touch can store and restore the mnemonics.




Moreover, OPOLO cosmos comes in three exciting colors. So you can choose one that matches your style. You can get an OPOLO Cosmos wallet in black, golden, and fuchsia color. These wallets are affordable, sleek in design, easy to use, and completely secure. Get yours today.

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